Dereck Chauvin Trial Coverage Day 6

Ok, folks. Yesterday was day 6th and it was a testy one. I’m going to have to start shorting these blogs because I have a YouTube channel I’m trying to get started. Therefore, I’m going to try to hit the more important parts of witnesses’ testimonies & court proceedings.  

Day 6 started off with Nelson going on record with his objection of the prosecution bringing in several Minneapolis police officers to give their opinions on Chauvin’s ‘use of force’ after just seeing footage provided to them by the prosecution.
Nelson especially made note that he objected in Chambers Friday morning to SGT Plueger and LT Zimmerman providing their personal opinion due to their limited knowledge of the case. They’ve only seen the bodycam footage and the bystander footage.
The judge stated that the opinions are becoming cumulative and that the prosecution has had enough of them. The defense is concerned the prosecution is going to pigeonhole these opinions throughout the trial, and I agree with him. The judge also restated the rules of the court, and that only evidence and testimony can be brought that can go toward the state of mind of Chauvin and his knowledge of Minneapolis police department training at the time of May 25th, 2020. The prosecution cannot sneak in the back door testimony the state of mind of Floyd. 

The first witness called was Dr. Bradford Lagenfeld who was the doctor that pronounced Floyd dead. The main points the prosecution wanted to get from Dr. Lagenfeld was the possibly that Floyd died from asphyxia and the emotional gut punch to the jury of having the actual doctor that pronounced Floyd dead.
This entire trial is a soviet style show trial. I’ve heard many respectable lawyers say they’ve never seen such a disgusting emotional display in a trial before, and this is really all the prosecution has. At one point the prosecution was going to ask Dr. Lagenfeld if the assessment of what caused Floyd’s death changed after seeing the bystander video, however Nelson was that faster than Hunter Biden on crack.
Nelson objected to that line of questioning because an ER doctor does not determine cause of death. An ER doctor, as Dr. Lagenfeld explained himself, tries to determine one of many possibilities that caused the heart to stop, so he can get the heart going again. However, as he testified himself, many of these possibilities of cause have the signs and it’s impossible to determine whether it’s one or the other. Also, seeing a video afterwards is speculation. Since the prosecution did not ask Dr. Lagenfeld about the video, we can guess the judge ruled in favor of the defense.
When the defense questioned Dr. Lagenfeld, he had the doctor testify that from Floyd’s blood gas readings in the ER, they are conducive to an individual who has OD’ed on fentanyl. This leaves room for reasonable doubt. 

The next witness was Chief Medaria Arradondo with the Minneapolis police department.
Oh dear Lord, did this witness give some golden eggs.
This witness even lied on the stand and I have the receipts! First off, Chief Arradondo testifies that a counterfeit bill is not an arrestable offense. Floyd may have not been under arrest at the beginning. He may have just been in the process of being detained until he started acting squirrely and refusing to follow commands. Also, passing counterfeit bills is still a crime. Now here comes the double turn, Chief Arradondo also testified that Chauvin’s ‘use of force’ violated MPD policy and training and was not “objectively reasonable force” he continued “The severity of that … is not part of our policy. That is not what we teach.”
Oh the lies he spun! I really wish the defense had nailed him on this! However, Nelson will get a good score of this witness that I will discuss in just a big, but first I want to expose the lies from this witness in the following images. These images are Exhibits submitted by former officer Lane’s attorney on July 8, 2020 in an attempt to dismiss the charges filed against him.

The images above speak for themselves. When the defense had his turn, the boom that hit was huge.
All the officers who have testified have only seen the bodycam footage and bystander footage, and even at times not all the bodycam footage. Nelson asked Chief Arradondo if he’s ever heard of camera perspective bias before, which he hasn’t.
Camera perspective bias is when a person develops a bias regarding a situation when they only see the situation from one angle or one camera perspective.
Nelson displayed bodycam footage and bystander footage side-by-side and asked Chief Arradondo where Chauvin’s knee was in both videos. Chief Arradondo stated Chauvin’s knee appeared to be on the back of Floyd’s neck in the bystander’s footage but on his shoulder blade in the bodycam footage. In an attempt to fix this the prosecution asked if at any time before that point in the videos did Chief Arradondo see Chauvin’s knee on Floyd’s shoulder blade, of course the chief said no. However, I’ve watched all the footage as well, it’s impossible to tell. Chauvin’s knee could have been on the shoulder blade the entire time and appeared to be on Floyd’s neck due to him moving or Chauvin moving. This leaves the door open for reasonable doubt. 

The final witness was Katie Blackwell, a former commander of the training division.
Why she was called to be a witness, I don’t know.
She didn’t provide any real evidentiary substance to trial. She described the training MPD officers go through when they first join and yearly. Her role is basically a records keeper. The prosecution is bringing in individuals and attempting to make their roles appear more important than they actually are, so their opinion on Chauvin’s ‘use of force’ can have more weight to it. The list of witnesses the prosecution has is ridiculous. I watch the prosecution angle their witness closer and closer to have them give their personal opinion on Chauvin’s actions. This not only starting to annoy me but it’s starting to annoy the Judge. The defense just proved it’s impossible to tell if Chauvin had is knee on the back of Floyd’s neck the entire time if at all, or if his knee was on his shoulder blade toward the base of his neck. These witnesses only have small segments of footage the prosecution has shown them. Watch for the prosecution’s tactics. They are pushing emotion and jury gut punishes. The defense is fighting to have the jury realize there was a larger picture Chauvin had to take into consideration. Also, and this is the biggest point the defense is pushing, did Chauvin actually cause Floyd’s death? Is there reasonable doubt? Reals over feels!

Edited by Anissa “Maddy” Walker.
Written by @thewaryfox on Twitter

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