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I’m still listening to the Chauvin trial every day. I won’t blog the details of each and every witness, but I will blog about any major revelations, lawyer sass, or court room drama. The mainstream media is only providing favorable information from the prosecution side and to spin the trial for the state. I’m here to help you cut through that bs & see what’s actually happening.

The Briefing

Picture via CNN

Remember, the prosecution doesn’t have any real evidence other then emotions and the fact Chauvin didn’t provide medical aid.
They keep flip-flopping on whether or not it was a blood choke hold or a airway choke hold.
No physical evidence suggests either.
Chauvin physical position doesn’t show he had compression on Floyd’s airway or carotid arteries. The evidence is pointing to a drug overdose. The prosecution is being very sneaky getting around the Judge’s ruling about no more opinions on Chauvin’s use of force.

A Note from The Wary Fox

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