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Fees and Payment

Ghost Writing

$2.00 per 100 words typed.  I use Word, but to put aside any problems, I use Word Counter which is a free service.  Any counts under 50 words are half.  Any counts over 50 words are rounded up to 100.

For instance.  250 words= $5.00  275 words= $6.00

Payment is half of estimated wordage upfront through PayPal, and the other half is due when I am finished.  I will send you screen captured updates on the work daily.  The last screen capture will be when I finished. This is when the balance of the payment is due. Once rest of the balance is paid, I will send you the completed project.

I use Duplichecker to check for plagiarism.

You will notice the references area is required.  Before I take a commission to write, I would like at least references from three people that have written for you.


$1.50 per audio minute with under 30 seconds being half the fee and anything over 30 seconds is rounded up to a minute.

Proof Reading


When a piece is proof read, I will use the change logger so you can see what I changed. I will also add side notes to ask questions for clarification or to point out continuity purposes.

If you feel more comfortable hiring me through a service, click the link below:


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