Policies and Guidelines

Fees and Shipping:

Unless otherwise stated, site fees (such as etsy and paypal) are included in the price along with shipping at time of purchase.

All purchases include a break-down of the items purchased and any fees included when purchased directly from this site.  When purchasing from etsy or ebay, the fees are automatically included in the item price.  Any refunds given will not include Paypal, Ebay,  or Etsy fees.



calligraphy and stationary items:

There are no refunds on personalized calligraphic or stationary items.  Once you have approved the proof, you have agreed to the terms, and this means you’re getting what you approved.


These are downloadable files and will be stipulated, many times in the description.  There are no refunds for these.

Non-personalized items:

These are anything sold that is not made to your specifications.  If they arrive damaged, take a picture of it and email it to us.  We will do what we can to get replacements out to you.



Natural Health Disclaimer:

All Aromatherapy items are made with pure essential oils and pure base oils.  An ingredient list is included in all item listings.  Please, keep your allergies in mind when ordering.   All herbals are made with 100% ingredients and are included in the listings on the shop.

Musings of a Mad Woman  is not responsible for any allergic reactions or side effects you may experience using the aromatherapy items or herbals.

Musings of a Mad Woman  does no employ physicians or anyone in a caregiver capacity.  We do not prescribe the aromatherapy items or the herbals or their derivatives.  If you are ill, we highly recommend that you visit a care giver.  You are responsible for your own health and well-being.  The products sold by Musings of a Mad Woman  are representative of the historical uses of the herbals and their derivatives.  The products are not meant to replace conventional medicines.

Products sold by Musings of a Mad Woman or not approved by the FDA.

Policy on Natural Health Items:

Musings of a Mad Woman will refund the purchase price of the herbal or aromatherapy items if there is documented proof of a reaction to the product by the purchaser.  This means that if you can provide medical proof that the product you purchased from us has caused you to have an allergic reaction, we will refund the purchase price.


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