Where does the money go?

MWM Media is a crowdfunded media business. This means we rely on you to help keep us up and running, but in a world where crowdfunding can be a mixed bag and people often take advantage of those who are generous, we promise to be transparent with where the funds are going. As each goal is met, there will be a blog post released about the funds used and how they were used. We will even provide screen captures for the updates. We want you to feel as if you are contributing to a company that will not keep anything from you. Here is the current breakdown of the funds:

Total Monthly needed: $2525.00

Monthly Income:

Merlin Sheepdog: $700

This includes the research and production of the show. This is the amount we agreed on so as to not cut into any aid he is receiving.

Anissa “Maddy” Mathias: $1680 ($12/hr for 35 hours/wk)

This includes research for and production of the news show and other talk shows. This also includes pre and post-production of the shows, editing of live streams, and publishing of transcripts for the show.
This does not include gaming streams but does include production for the Old Time Radio Theatre.


Utilities: $120.00

This is for the lights and internet that is used for the show, research and postings.

Evernote: $15.98

This is how Merlin and I communicate, research, and create the content you see on the show. The amount covers $7.99 per month for me and Merlin.

Scribd: $8.99

This is a site where we have unfettered access to all legal documents the media releases. It allows us to comb through it to report more accurate stories to you. There is also a wealth of knowledge we can access to help us go more in-depth for shows like Coffee Talk, fact-checking blog posts, and also any videos that are made.

What contributes to the monthly total…

Sponsorships through Paypal
Bits/cheers on Twitch (The total will be updated when payment from Twitch is received and not when we receive the bits live. Twitch has a $100 threshold before they release funds.)
Streamlabs tips (These are automatically updated when someone tips the stream, any blog post with tip link, and anytime the link gets posted on social media.) Please, specify to whom and for what the tip is going towards when you contribute.

We know…

It only totals to $2524.97. We rounded up.

Future Costs…

We are always looking to the future and making the venture grow. Because of this, we will be introducing new costs as we expand:

Income for Optimus Christ (Our new edition who will be ouR games journalist)

Yearly hosting and Domain name purchases

Travel expenses to gaming events and conferences

Screen names are used to keep the anonymity of the staff and said anonymity will not be dropped unless they request it. MWM Media and all related blogs, media channels, and art do not condone doxxing in any way, shape or form for any reason.

Parent Company: MWM Media
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