Meet the Staff

meet the staffWe here at MWM Media pride ourselves in bringing you the most objective, honest, and spin-free reporting of U.S., World, and Gaming news. We are all about the facts, but we do throw in our opinions from time to time.

What sets us apart is the fact we let you know when our opinion is in the piece. We don’t want you to believe everything we present to you, whether it’s on a stream or by blog posts. We want you to form your own opinions and freely converse with us in the comments below each post. If we are wrong, please, let us know. We will print a retraction and correction, but we will NEVER delete our mistakes. We feel that is dishonest and disingenuous.

The Staff

As they include their profiles, they will be linked on this page.

Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

Founder and Owner of MWM Media, editor, co-producer, and content creator for The Morning Brew, MWM Media blog, Coffee Talk, and game streamer, freelance writer/editor, and caption writer.

Ronin Wolf

Co-founder and lead researcher for The Morning Brew, MWM Media Blog, Coffee Talk, and also a budding game journalist.

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