Rates and Fees

Ghost Writing

$2.00 per 100 words typed.  I use Word, but to put aside any problems, I use Word Counter which is a free service.  Any counts under 50 words are half.  Any counts over 50 words are rounded up to 100.

For instance.  250 words= $5.00  275 words= $6.00

Payment is half of estimated wordage upfront through PayPal, and the other half is due when I am finished.  I will send you screen captured updates on the work daily.  The last screen capture will be when I finished. This is when the balance of the payment is due. Once rest of the balance is paid, I will send you the completed project.

If you wish to set-up payment according to goals/milestones, I can do that as well.

I use Duplichecker to check for plagiarism.

I will ask for references. Please, be prepared to produce at least three. This is for my protection.


Natural Health
Science Fiction
Children’s Adventure

Proof Reading

Image result for proofreading png


When a piece is proof read, I will use the change logger so you can what I changed. I will also add side notes to ask questions for clarification or to point out continuity purposes.

$1.50 per audio minute


$1.50 per audio minute with under 30 seconds being half the fee and anything over 30 seconds is rounded up to a minute.

There are flat rates for bulk projects. Contact me for more information.

Let’s build something together.

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